5 Unexpected Horror Movies You Can Watch On YouTube Anything Goes

Break out the popcorn and turn off the lights; here’s our selection of horror movies worth checking out this Halloween. Oh, did we mention they are free?

Here’s a glimpse into my typical exciting weekend: I spend hours on end watching videos on YouTube. Usually I’d watch either documentaries that are no longer than 40 minutes, or short clips (Buzzfeed videos are the shizzy). You can find plenty of feature-length films on YouTube, but I never bothered because the quality and content of those available seemed questionable.

Last weekend, however, I chanced upon a 1968 cult classic that I later found out was legitimately hosted on the website – George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, the original zombie movie that spawned a genre of flesh-eating walking dead. After further digging, I found even more full-length horror films that aren’t shoddy Z-grade material. Enjoy!

Night of the Living Dead

When Night of the Living Dead was released 47 years ago in October 1968, it was booed by many movie critics and the public for being too gruesome and explicit. But having seen so many truly frightening modern post-apocalyptic zombie horror movies like 28 Days Later, this campy black-and-white independent film will most likely make you roar with laughter at its scare tactics. Nonetheless, it’s a must-watch for its significance in one of today’s much-loved genres.

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

A remake of Wes Craven’s 1977 classic of the same name, The Hills Have Eyes tells the tale of a family road trip gone terribly and grotesquely wrong. We promise there is one particular graphic scene that will scar you for life. Shudders.

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

Going by the reviews I’ve read about this found footage horror film, I doubt many can stomach watching it. The Poughkeepsie Tapes, apparently inspired by real-life serial killers, chronicles the decade-long torture and murders of victims from Poughkeepsie in New York, all of which videotaped by a serial killer known as The Water Street Butcher. According to this review, one scene shows a man’s head inside his wife’s ripped open rib cage – and she is still alive. Um, thanks, but no thanks.

The Changeling

A grieving man who lost his wife and daughter to a car accident, a secluded mansion, and 107 minutes of pure, unadulterated fear – that’s essentially what this underrated classic is about. For greater effect, I’d advise watching this with your headphones on. It’s a pretty silent movie, but the subtle sound effects will chill you to the bone. Need more reason to check it out? Acclaimed director Martin Scorsese has named The Changeling one of his top 11 scariest films.

Sleepaway Camp

The premise of this 1983 slasher flick sounds rather ordinary: A young girl and her cousin attend a summer camp, and what transpires is a series of uncanny accidents and horrific deaths. The surprise ending of this film, however, is guaranteed to unnerve you for quite some time. (It is so WTF, many critics consider it one of the most shocking plot twists in horror films!)

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