Where You Can Find Peace And Quiet In Singapore Anything Goes

Do you find yourself craving for some peace and quiet in the middle of the day but can’t seem to think of anywhere apart from massage centres or spas? Here are 5 places you can check out for a dose of Zen.

Not all of us want to check in for a foot reflex or a full-body massage in the middle of day to give our frazzled minds some quiet. Some days, we just want to sit down, close our eyes, slow our breaths down, and meditate. Now, meditation doesn’t have to be about chanting mantras or using prayers beads. It’s about respecting the space you are in, the people who are sharing the space with you, and learning to get a handle on your stress levels by becoming more aware of your breathing.

A lot of articles have been written about the health benefits of meditation. To summarise, meditation can …

1. Improve psychological health
2. Reduce blood pressure
3. Reduce stress
4. Improve cellular health
5. Strengthen the mind and boosts creativity

So, where in Singapore can you go meditate? Here are some recommendations that may just make you go, “Oh! I didn’t know that!”

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum 
288 South Bridge Road

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Go all the way to the fourth level of the temple and you will find a meditation hall outside of the chamber that houses the sacred tooth relic. There, you will find raised padded platforms with seat cushions. The space is quiet and has a healthy dose of daylight, giving it a calming atmosphere. The space is opened to the public and free to use for those who want to meditate. Good to know: Visitors can also enjoy a vegetarian meal at the basement level; you simply make a donation to the temple to show your appreciation.


Singapore Breath Meditation Group 
Click here to find its Meetup group

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A non-religion based group that conducts breath meditation sessions at a variety of locations such as Botanic Gardens and Vyasa Yoga (60 Tessensohn Road). Described as a group that wants to harness the power of meditation to improve work productivity, enhance your inner state of wellbeing, and to keep your mind clutter-free, this is great if you want to try meditation without feeling like you are associating yourself with any religion. Good to know: Every fourth Sunday of the month, the group meets at Botanic Gardens.


World Peace Cafe Singapore 
134 Neil Road

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Close to the business district, this cafe serves up more than just good coffee and wholesome vegetarian food. Located above the cafe is a meditation room where patrons are welcome to use to meditate and relax. For those who want to join meditation classes, there are evening classes held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Morning classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday. Good to know: Although the cafe is closed on weekends and public holidays, it runs day retreats such as “Living Lightly“, aimed at improving the quality of life by changing your understanding of the world around you. These retreats often come packaged with delicious vegetarian lunches.


Singapore School of Meditation & Yoga (SSMY)
54 Tras Street

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Here, the meditation practised is mantra meditation. Mantras, as explained on its website, are spiritual sound vibrations that cleanse the heart and connect the practitioner to his soul to achieve peace and tranquility. SSMY conducts a free meditation class every Monday from 7 to 8pm. Good to know: SSYM also conducts a whole range of yoga classes, talks and workshops. It runs “Vedic Storytelling” classes from time to time where participants can learn more about the Vedas (Sanskrit literature from ancient India).


Nirvana Mind 
Various locations. Email for info

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Nirvana Mind doesn’t operate out of a fixed space at this moment but it does what it calls “meditation pop-ups”, holding sessions at various locations around the island. The team can also conduct meditation sessions at your home or office. Good to know: The next meditation installation they’ll have will be held at The Working Capitol (1A Keong Saik Road) on the 26th of October, followed by the last Mondays of November and December.


Now that you know where you can go in Singapore to get some peace of mind, here’s a quick guide on how to meditate for beginners.


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