7 Signs You Desperately Need A Vacation Wander Wonder

Need a break? You’re not alone.

In our insanely-paced society, it seems impossible to ever get away. You badly want a holiday but you also feel a deep sense of guilt about leaving your work behind. It seems like every time you plan for a vacation, yet another big project comes up and you have to scrap your plans. However, with careful planning and open communication with your co-workers, going on that much-needed vacation is not impossible.

But first, how do you tell if you’re due for a break?

1. You find yourself spacing out in your office cubicle every, oh, 20 minutes or so.

2. You hit “Refresh” on airline booking pages more times than you care to admit.

3. You spend hours looking through old vacation photos on Facebook and Instagram.

4. You email tour operators in a variety of exotic locations, dreaming of the day when you can finally up and leave.

5. Whenever friends or co-workers talk about their recent vacations, it takes every ounce of self-restraint not to burst into a flood of tears.

6. Right now, the only consolation you have is Happy Hour.

7. You’ve found yourself nodding along to every single point on this post.

Seriously though, if you find yourself identifying with more than three of these points, you’re due for a vacation. It doesn’t even have to be a long trip to somewhere exotic. Even a short break in a neighbouring country could be all you need to clear your head and recharge your batteries. Get inspired here, here, and here.

Go on, you deserve it!

For as long as she can remember, Vanessa has always wanted to escape to a place where no one knows her. But because that’s not always possible, she often retreats into the world of books and pop culture. When she does get to travel, she prefers going off the beaten track and back to nature. Some of her best memories include napping in a treehouse in Laos and cycling across padi fields in Bali.

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