The 8 Instagram Shots Every Guest Takes At A Beautiful Hotel Wander Wonder

… whether you eventually share them is a different issue altogether.

Everyone knows my aversion to shitty hotels. There is simply NO WAY you could get me to go on a trip if I know accommodation is going to be “shoddy”. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying I HAVE to stay in a 5-star hotel all the time (though, it would really be quite awesome …) but at the very least, the hotel has to be nice, clean, and comfortable.

But I love it when a hotel is out-of-this-world beautiful … and I cannot lie. Whenever I walk into a gorgeous property, I can’t help but want to whip out my phone and start snapping pictures of my room, the lobby, the gym, the pool … so everyone can let out a collective sigh of envy when I post them up on Facebook and Instagram.

I have noticed a pattern: the kind of pictures everyone takes when they are staying at a gorgeous hotel. Does the list below sound familiar to you? Are you “guilty” of taking such hotel-snaps too?

1. The Lobby Shot
A lobby is the hotel’s promise to its guests. When you step into one that’s beautifully decked out with tasteful fittings, where the staff greet you with warm smiles and sincere welcomes, you know you are going to be in good hands for the rest of your stay.

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How to take this shot: Get it as symmetrical as you can, especially if the lobby has a statement piece like a huge chandelier. Make sure it’s not too crowded. One or two people milling about is okay. You want the lobby to look like it’s got some activity going on but you don’t want it to be overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle; you are trying to get away from that kind of routine the first place after all.


2. The Bedroom Shot 
We’ve all been there. Enter a breathtakingly beautiful room and, before we can mess it up, take a picture of it in its pristine condition.

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How to take this shot: Not all of us are professional photographers armed with DSLR with wide angle lens. If you find yourself with only your trusty iPhone 6 (seriously, this phone takes such great quality pictures, I don’t use my regular camera any more!), stand as far as you can in one corner and try your darnest to take a photo of the room in its entirety.


3. The Bathtub Shot 
Who doesn’t love a bathroom with a divine tub? None of those flushed to the wall, shallow rectangular things. We are talking about standalone tubs that are deep enough for you to sit inside without leaving the upper half of your body exposed.

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How to take this shot: A selfie stick with a remote control is your best friend if you’re too embarrassed to have your roomie take it for you. How much you wanna show really depends on you. Oh, and a filter is going to be your new BFF here. There’s no way a shot like this is going to look awesome without a filter being placed over it.


4. The In-Bed Selfie Shot 
What’s a hotel room if you can’t prove you’ve had the most wonderful night’s sleep in that fluffy paradise called a bed?

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How to take this shot: No one looks good first thing in the morning. Frame the shot so that your face is out of it but shoot just enough of your arm buried in pillows and the duvet to show how luxurious the last 10 hours have been.


5. The Friends-Doing-Stuff-Together Shot 
Because it is essential that there is a snap of you guys doing things together. I mean … who likes to be accused of travelling without friends?!?!?!

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How to take this shot: You need 1 bossy person, 1 selfie stick with a remote control, 1 high tea spread, and 3 ravenous girls who don’t care how they look like when they eat. Position selfie stick in front of the table, command everyone to start stuffing their faces and, when no one’s looking, Bossy Person to sneakily take a shot.


6. The Check-Out-The-Free-Stuff Shot 
Some hotels lay out a candy-bar at the lobby so that guests can help themselves to some snacks while waiting for their friends. If that’s a photogenic spread, be sure to take a picture!

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How to take this shot: Have your friend with a sweet-tooth check out the spread and take the picture with the camera placed at high angle so you can see the treats.


7. The I’m-Using-The-Facilities Shot
If your hotel comes with a fabulous outdoor pool, that’s usually why this shot would be taken. If it doesn’t, then check out the gym! With all that eating happening on a holiday, surely a morning run can’t hurt anyone!

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How to take this shot: Entrust your phone to a friend, get on a treadmill, start running, and pray she doesn’t take embarrassing shots of you.


8. The I’m-Dressed-For-This-Awesome-Hotel Shot
Surely it can’t be all berms-and-sandals?? If you know you are checking into a classy dig, be sure to pack a nice dress and a pair of heels so you can pay a visit to the lobby lounge, have a cocktail at a nearby nightspot, or dine at one of the hotel’s many posh F&B outlets.

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How to take this shot: Instead of posing in front of a camera, lined up like high-school kids going for their prom, try to get shots of your friends getting ready for the night out, waiting for everyone else to be done, etc. Then pick the one that lends itself best to all that magnificent filters available in the VSCOcam app.


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These shots were taken at Keraton at The Plaza during a Go Away trip to Jakarta. Visit Keraton at The Plaza’s website here.

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