5 Best Ways To Celebrate Halloween 2015 In Singapore Buy Buy Buy

Besides popping into a club for a costume party, how else can you celebrate Halloween in Singapore? We have 5 awesome recommendations for you right here. 

1. Learn how to make creepy cocktails

Stock image of creepy cocktails

Have neither the energy nor inclination to join the Halloween parties in town? Or maybe, you just want to throw your own spook-do at home? Well, before you send the invitations out, be sure to sign up for Drinkding’s Halloween Cocktail Workshop. This 2-hour hands-on class will not just teach you the basics of making your own fancy drinks, it will also show you how to make stuff like bloody eyeballs out of lychees and olives. For more information on when these workshops are and how to sign up, visit now.

Best for: Those who don’t care for scares. This is perfect if you just want to get into the spirit of things. The only thing that will be shaken here is a cocktail mixer.


2. Enter a nightmare that never ends (well, sort of!)

RWS Halloween 2015

With 4 haunted houses and 3 scare zones, Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights is an event that might just leave you too scared to sleep alone. Headlining this year’s horror-fest is a collaboration with Singapore’s favourite ghost writer Russell Lee. True Singapore Ghost Stories: The MRT is a haunted house inspired by tales of paranormal sightings on the MRT. For those who want to relive the scares again (WHY?), you can even purchase a Frequent Fear Pass that gives you unlimited visits to the event. For more information, visit

Best for: Fans of all-things horror and gore. Visitors are not allowed to don on masks and/or costumes, but we are pretty certain you’ll find the sight of a “normal” human being pretty reassuring after going through this scare-a-minute event.


3. Check in at this haunted hotel and see if you can check out

Changi Revisited Hendon Hotel

Changi Revisited – The Hendon Horrors is Singapore’s first immersive and responsive mystery adventure. Set in the former Changi Barracks, this adventure is more than just an escape room, and more than a Halloween scare-fest. Immerse yourself in this macabre theatre and become part of a horrifying tale. Choose your own adventure, pay attention, and ask the right questions. Form a team of four to six, and move from room to room interrogating the suspects, uncovering clues, and exploring the depths of The Hendon Hotel. Match your wits against the clock and spend 75 minutes working with your friends to solve the mystery … don’t get lost yourself … Tickets are now on sale at

Best for: You role-playing game addicts and if you grew up wanting to form your own Scooby Doo squad. Will you be able to stay calm and collected in the face of horror?


4. Trek through one of Singapore’s most haunted spots

Changi Night Trek

This is a Go Away event!  Join us for a creepy night trek on 24 October, 8pm, to explore the notoriously haunted areas of Changi. Is there any truth to the myth of Tekong Island’s “Third Door”? What happened on the blood-soaked beaches during the Sook Ching? Can you spot the ghostly figure of Commando Robert Barracks? Always wanted to learn more about the Old Changi Hospital where the Japanese were said to have carried out their ghastly tortures on prisoners? If you’ve got the stomach for the stories about the creepier side of Changi, then lock in your spot on this night trek designed by Luv@Adventure. Send your name, email add, and mobile number to . This 3 to 4-hour trek is $20/head and is of “easy” level. Spots are confirmed only after payment is received.

Best for: Those who have always wanted to experience Changi in the middle of the night but are too chicken to do it alone.


5. Pay a visit to a pontianak … if you dare

Bukit Brown cemetery

This is a Go Away event!  A cemetery dating back to the 18th century, Bukit Brown isn’t just “home” to the tombs of some of Singapore’s most famous pioneers, it is notoriously haunted as well. Legend has it that it is a popular haunt of the Pontianak – a Malay female vampire – too. There are many elaborately designed tombstones and the lush forested area is just perfect for those with a wilder-than-usual imagination. If you dare venture into the Bukit Brown cemetery at night with us, lock in your spot on this trek designed by Luv@Adventure. Send your name, email add, and mobile number to . This 3 to 4-hour trek happening on 31 October, 8pm, is $20/head and is of “easy” level. Spots are confirmed only after payment is received.

Best for: Those who really want to “soak in” the Halloween atmosphere by spending it exploring an old graveyard …


Bonus! Drag the kids to Safari Boo! 

Image: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

The little ones don’t have to miss out on all that Halloween action. River Safari returns for the second year with Safari Boo. Kids are invited to come dressed in their favourite costumes for an enchanting night interacting with fairytale characters, special animal presentations and close encounters with river monsters at twilight! There are also trick-or-treat trails so kids are encouraged to come in costumes! For more details, visit now!

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  1. Changi Revisited is so expensive though. $68 is even more expensive than USS Halloween Horror Nights! And we can get USS HHN5 tickets at $50 if you are a student. Plus the ticket last you for the whole night. So much more than the 75 minutes that Changi Revisited offers.

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