The A to Z of Dining Out In Singapore Food Notes

It’s often been said that Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, so we decided to test the theory! 

A is for Argentina

go away_bochinche

It’s midnight and for some bizarre reason, you’re craving Argentinian food. Where do you go? BoCHINche, of course! This stellar Argentine restaurant now serves late-night supper, with a variety of Small Cold Plates (cured trout, tomato gazpacho, and watermelon salad) and Small Hot Plates (veal sweetbreads, squid and iberico ham risotto, and provoleta). 

Dinner is served on Tuesdays to Thursdays and on Sundays, from 5.30pm to 12 midnight; and on Fridays and Saturdays from 5.30pm till 1.00am. Last order is at 10.50pm. The restaurant is closed on Mondays.

BoCHINche is located at 22 Martin Road, #02-01, Tel: 6235 4990

B is for Brazil

Image Credit: Carnivore Singapore

Image Credit: Carnivore Singapore

Whenever Go Away editors Deborah and Denise want to celebrate an occasion, you can be sure Brazilian Churrasco chain Carnivore will be one of their top choices. Here, you get to enjoy a mouthwatering selection of barbeque meats served at your table by knife wielding Passadors (meat waiters). Deborah’s favourite is the chicken hearts!

For Carnivore outlet locations, click here

C is for China

Image Credit: Min Jiang

Image Credit: Min Jiang

With so many Chinese restaurants in Singapore, it’s hard to pick just one but our vote this time goes to Min Jiang, for their consistently high standards of Chinese cuisine. From now till 15 October 2015, Min Jiang is offering set menus from the region of Sichuan and Canton, with dishes such as Sliced Pork with Minced Garlic and ‘Min Jiang’ Hot and Sour Soup (Sichuan) as well as Braised Crabmeat and Fish Maw Soup and Braised Ee-Fu Noodles with Crabmeat and Crab Roe (Canton). Don’t miss it!

Min Jiang is located at Goodwood Park Hotel, 22 Scotts Road, Tel: 6730 1704

is for Denmark

go away_gaest

Image Credit: Gaest

What is Danish cuisine, you wonder. Well, you can have a taste at Gaest, a sandwich and coffee joint located in the heart of the CBD. Tuck into a variety of Nordic sandwiches and pizzas – all prepared on freshly baked sourdough or Danish rye bread, of course! Gaest also has a hearty weekend brunch menu, so look out for that as well.

Gaest is located at 21 McCallum St. #01-01, The Clift, Tel: 6634 0922

is for Egypt

go away_ altazzag

Image Credit: Altazzag

Amidst the high street fashion and quirky knick-knacks lining Haji Lane is the unpretentious Altazzag Egyptian Restaurant. This two-storey restaurant serves traditional Middle Eastern delights such as hummus (chick pea dip), babaganoush (eggplant dip), Egyptian salad, and kebabs. Great spot for a memorable first date, we think! 

Altazzag is located at 24 Haji Lane, Tel: 6295 5024

is for France

Image Credit: Balzac Brasserie

Image Credit: Balzac Brasserie

French cuisine gets a bad rep for being stuffy and inaccessible, but this is not always the case, especially not at Balzac Brasserie. Helmed by award-winning Executive Chef Jean-Charles Dubois, Balzac serves a wide range of classic French comfort foods such as lobster bisque, pan-fried foie gras, and Atlantic St Peter’s fish or fillet of Atlantic Turbot, at prices that won’t break the bank.

Balzac Brasserie is located at 5 Cox Terrace B1-08 Fort Canning Arts Centre, Tel: 6336 0797

is for Greece

Image Credit: Blu Kouzina

Image Credit: Blu Kouzina

Can’t afford to fly to Santorini? No problem. Step into Blu Kouzina for an authentic slice of Greek culture. Owners Effie and Dennis Tsakiris have created a “mini-Greece” in a four-storey building located along Bukit Timah Road. On the ground floor, you’ll walk past an open kitchen where the chefs prepare traditional and modern Greek recipes such as Bougiourdi (red peppers stuffed with spicy feta cheese), Mousaka (baked eggplant with potatoes, minced meat, and bechamel sauce), and a variety of souvlaki (small pieces of meat and vegetables grilled on a skewer).

Blu Kouzina is located at 893 Bukit Timah Road, Tel: 6875 0872

is for Hong Kong

go away_legendary hong kong

In Singapore, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to Cantonese cuisine – from fine dining restaurants to casual 茶餐厅 (cha chaan teng), we have them all. However, the Go Away editors are partial towards Legendary Hong Kong because of the succulently delicious roasted meats served here. Fun fact: The restaurant imports its Irish ducks from Silver Hill Farm, the same farm that supplies ducks to 98 percent of UK’s roast duck joints!

Legendary Hong Kong is located at Jurong Point 2, #03-80, Tel: 6794 1335

is for India

go away_muthu's curry

We’ve raved about the food here on Go Away, and we’ll do it again. Muthu’s Curry is an iconic food establishment in Singapore, renowned for being the first to introduce fish head curry to Singaporeans in 1969. Apart from this time-honoured dish, we also love their contemporary offerings such as the masala pomfret, cashew chicken (a rich chicken dish cooked in a puree of cashew nuts), and the mutton chukka varuval (tender mutton cooked with dried chilli).

For Muthu’s Curry outlet locations, click here

is for Japanese

go away_ginza kuroson

This was another tough fight. How do you decide which Japanese restaurant to go with when there are so many awesome ones in Singapore? Well, we decided to go with one of our favourite lunch spots,  Ginza Kuroson, simply because of their incredibly value-for-money lunch sets. We especially love the chirashi don, which comes with a generous serving of fresh sashimi heaped on top of fragrant Japanese rice. Each set also comes with miso soup and a small dessert (which is also delicious)!

Ginza Kuroson is located at 30 Robertson Quay, Tel: 6737 5547

is for Korean

go away_joo

Korean BBQ joints are a dime a dozen in Singapore but our vote goes to Joo, a hip-and-happening Korean bar and restaurant located in the Bugis neighbourhood. Here, the owners brew their own makgeolli using organic rice and purified water (without adding preservatives) and serve up a tantalising array of makgeolli cocktails. Apart from great drinks, Joo also has an excellent food menu – the Slow-Roasted Mangalitsa Pork (pictured above) is an absolute must-try.

Joo is located at 5 Tan Quee Lan Street, Tel: 8138 1628

is for Lebanon 

Can’t get enough of Middle Eastern cuisine? Al-Hamra is an award-winning Lebanese restaurant that aims to “revive the cuisine of pre-war Palestine, when Beirut was known as the Paris of the Middle East.” Expect dishes such as vine leaves stuffed with cooked Egyptian rice and assorted spices, chicken liver fried with extra virgin olive oil and assorted spices, and grilled lamb kidneys marinated with garlic, lemon juice, coriander, and Lebanese spices.

Al-Hamra is located at 23 Lorong Mambong,  Holland Village, Tel: 6464 8488

is for Malaysia

Image Credit: Agrobazaar

Image Credit: Agrobazaar

Yes, they are our closest neighbours and our cuisines are very similar but they undoubtedly have the winning hand when it comes to fresh produce. Agrobazaar brings to Singaporeans the best of Malaysian fruit, produce, and coffee, which you can buy home or enjoy in-store. Dine in and enjoy familiar favourites such as popiah, beef rendang, and chempedak goreng, all lovingly prepared with Malaysian ingredients.

Agrobazaar is located at Lot 37 – 43, Sultan Gate, Tel: 6391 9841

is for New Zealand

go away_fern & kiwi

Image Credit: Fern & Kiwi

Fern & Kiwi is all about having a good time. This 3-year-old joint brings you the best of New Zealand food, wines, and beers in a lively party environment (it is situated at Clarke Quay after all). On the menu, you’ll get New Zealand beef and lamb (of course) but also more traditional sides such as the New Zealand sweet potato mash and a cauliflower gratin made with Upper Moutere cheese. Some of the beers on tap include Steinlager Super Cold and Mac’s Great White Wheat.

Fern & Kiwi is located at 3C River Valley Road, #01-02/03 The Cannery, Clarke Quay, Tel: 6336 2271

is for Portugal

go away_boca

Go Away editor Vanessa can’t stop raving about the food here, and for good reason! It’s really delicious! The kitchen is helmed by two Portuguese chefs (who also happen to be BFFs) and together, they spin out amazing creations such as Flamed Chorizo,  Meat and almond croquettes, Coffee Steak, and Vanessa’s favourite – the Bacalhau or shrimp “porridge”, made with homemade bread. Don’t miss out on their famous Portuguese egg tarts, where a ridiculously smooth egg custard is encased within a slightly-charred flaky puff pastry. Yum-my!

BOCA is located at 6 Bukit Pasoh Road, Tel: 6221 0132. 

is for Russia

go away_buyan

When you think of Russian cuisine, do you think of heavy stews accompanied by copious amounts of vodka? Well, it’s not quite the case at Buyan, which aims to be a socially-conscious enterprise by serving only serving meat and caviar from sustainably farmed sources. Some of their signature dishes include Selyodka Pod Shuboy (salted herring under layers of cooked beetroot, potatoes, carrots, and homemade mayo),  Pelmeni (dough pockets with minced beef and pork filling), and Kulebyaka (a traditional Russian pie with layers of rice, salmon, and mushrooms).

Buyan is located at 9 Duxton Hill, Tel: 6223 7008

is for Spain

Image Credit: Catalunya

Image Credit: Catalunya

Dining at contemporary Spanish restaurant Catalunya is a multi-sensorial experience with the spectacular view of Marina Bay spread out in front of you. Here, you get to enjoy an exquisite menu built on culinary inventions from the elBulli team and inspiration from authentic Spanish recipes. Apart from churning out seasonal promotional menus, the kitchen team is also constantly updating their set lunch menus, so keep yourself up to date by following their Facebook page!

Catalunya is located at The Fullerton Pavilion 82 Collyer Quay, Tel: 6534 0188.

is for Thailand

You know the food is good when there are consistently long queues outside the restaurant night in, night out. Nakhon Kitchen has several outlets across the island but the queues are the same everywhere. The service (at the Holland Village branch) is nothing to shout about but the food is cheap and good, so we’re not complaining. Nakhon Kitchen serves familiar favourites such as mango salad, green curry, and pad thai alongside oatmeal prawns and pandan chicken. Wash it all down with a glass of frothy Thai Ice Milk Tea. Burp!

For Nakhon Kitchen outlet locations, click here

is for USA

go away_redbank

Brought to you by two affable American foodies,  Redbank Bar & Grill provides an unabashedly American dining experience. From hearty New York-style steaks to Virginia-style crab cakes, the food here is unpretentious and full-flavoured. Unlike stereotypical American cuisine where the food tends to be slathered in sauces, the chefs at Redbank believe there is no need for special flavouring or dressing as the ingredients speak for themselves. For example, the signature Tomahawk steak is seasoned with just a touch of pepper and salt. However, the portions here are definitely very American, so come hungry!

Redbank Bar & Grill is located at 442 #01-02 Orchard Road, Tel: 6694 5376.

is for Vietnam 

Pho Hoa has been around for a long time but we are still very much in love with their beef noodle soup! The Go Away editors can often be found here after a gruelling workout session, tucking into a steaming hot bowl of beef pho or indulging in a hearty bowl of beef stew. Another dish we enjoy is the vermicelli bowl, which comes with generous servings of assorted fresh vegetables.

Pho Hoa is located at 18 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village, Tel: 6467 3662

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find cuisines starting with O, Q, W, X, Y, and Z but if you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know in the Comments section below!

For as long as she can remember, Vanessa has always wanted to escape to a place where no one knows her. But because that’s not always possible, she often retreats into the world of books and pop culture. When she does get to travel, she prefers going off the beaten track and back to nature. Some of her best memories include napping in a treehouse in Laos and cycling across padi fields in Bali.

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