8 Places In Germany A Beer Fan Has To Visit The Great Escape

Oktoberfest 2015 is finally here! And when it comes to the places a beer lover should visit in Germany, no one knows them better than Leonard Tan, director of Amber Nectar. Are you ready to drink to your heart’s content? 

Leonard Tan of Amber Nectar (Robertson Walk,  #01-10)

Leonard Tan of Amber Nectar (Robertson Walk, #01-10)

Leonard Tan, 35, director of Amber Nectar, has loved beer ever since “it was legal for me to drink”. His venture Amber Nectar is more than just a pub serving awesome German and Belgian craft beers, Amber Nectar is also the distributor of the Beer Growler – a system that allows customers to have draft beers to go. A growler is a refillable beer container made of brown glass to protect it from UV light. Simply fill it up, take it home or to a party to enjoy, clean the bottle and take it back to the pub for a refill. Besides Amber Nectar, the Beer Growler is available throughout Singapore at a number of locations so relishing a great pint German craft beer is easier than you think.

The man travels to Germany once a year for his other business and, of course, he takes the opportunity to familiarise himself with the beer brewers there. So what are the places in Germany a beer lover has to visit? His picks, below:

1. Staatliches Houfbrauhaus in München (Hofbrau München)
Munich Metropolitan Region, Bavaria
Platzl 9, 80331 München

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“The beers are brewed using original recipes from the duke of Bavaria. It is tasty and refreshing, making it easy on the palate. My personal favourite is the Hofbrӓu Hefe Weizen which is Munich’s first Hefe Weizen beer back in 1602. It has a distinctive rich foam when it is poured, making it utterly refreshing and fruity. God’s Nectar indeed!”
2. Heller-Brau Trum (Schlenkerla)
Bamberg town in Upper Franconia, Bavaria
Dominikanerstrasse 6, 96049 Bamberg

“This brewery takes great pride in preserving old craft traditions of smoking their malts. What stands out for me is the Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier – Mӓrzen which has won countless awards from all over the world. Its distinctive smoky flavour reminiscent of fresh earthy and woody characteristics. Some may even say it tastes like bacon!”
3. Crew Republic Brewery
Munich Metropolitan Region, Bavaria
Fraunhoferstra 9, 80469 München, Germany

“Honest craft beers with extraordinary flavours. I love the Crew Republic Roundhouse Kick Imperial Stout as it features an ensemble of espresso, dark chocolate, toffee, caramel and hints of herbs and liquorice. This is one stout that’s black as night and as explosive as dynamite!”
4. Uerige
Düsseldorf , North Rhine-Westphalia
Uerige, Berger Str. 1, 40213 Düsseldorf

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“The craft brewery in the heart of Düsseldorf’s historical city centre specialises in a unique style, the Altbier, a traditional German ale. The best known Altbiers come from Düsseldorf, the state capital. Altbier is a copper-coloured, cool-fermented, cold-conditioned, clean-tasting ale with an aromatic hop presence, a firm creamy head, a medium body, and a dry finish.”
5. Päffgen Koelsch
Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia
Friesenstraße 64-66 50670 Köln

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“Päffgen is the oldest brewery in Cologne which brews one of the best Kölsch, a golden, top-fermented style native to Köln, Germany. It generally has a moderate bitterness, a fairly prominent hop flavour (typically Spalt, Tettnang or Hallertau), high effervescence, medium esters with a rounded, stylish character derived from the lagering process.”
6. Augustiner
Munich, Bavaria
Landsberger Straße 31-35 80339 München

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“Augustiner is a small brewery with a long and rich history that brews traditional German style beers that are typically not exported. My personal favourite is Maximator, a pleasant dark Doppelbock that is exceptionally malty, with very little bitterness. This strong lager is especially suited for festivities during the chilly season in Germany.”
7. Brauerei Aying
Aying, Bavaria
Munchner Strasse 21, 85653, Aying

“I like the Ayinger Ur-Weisse, an old-fashioned dunkel (dark) wheat beer. It has a strong amber-colour and a malty aroma which gives it more edge over the golden Hefe Weizen. This beer is something a little different from the weisse beer commonly found in Singapore.”
8. Klosterbrauerei Andechs
Starnberg Bavaria
Bergstraße 2, 82346

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“Andechs monastery beers are generally well received by connoisseurs, especially the Andechser Bergbock Hell beer. I too personally enjoy this as it has a strong malty tone and floral hoppiness which are accented with slight fruitiness. What’s great is the finely bitter hoppiness transforms into a slight honey sweetness giving the beer a harmonious aftertaste.”

Amber Nectar is located at Robertson Walk, 11 Unity Street, #01-10/11. Tel: 6737 3774

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