5 Craft Beers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (But Should!) Food Notes

Craft beers are popping up in bars all across Singapore, but we bet you haven’t heard of THESE.

Although craft beers are now pretty commonplace in Singapore, not many people know that it was The Drinking Partners who kickstarted the local craft beer movement. And now the folks from The Drinking Partners have set up home at Tyrwhitt Road, at a space formerly occupied by the Chinese Druggists Association. With 23 taps from breweries like Mikkerller, To-ol, De Struise, and Magic Rock, it’s every beer lover’s dream come to life. Corrine Chia, one of the founders of The Drinking Partners, clues us in on some must-try-to-believe-it brews.

1. BLÅ SPØGELSE (with Three Floyds) 


This ale is a creative collaboration between Mikkeller from Copenhagen and Three Floyds, one of the top breweries in the world. If the adorable bottle label isn’t enough to charm your socks off, the intense blueberry flavours definitely will. However, the taste is less blueberry pie and more black cherry yogurt. Also, because it has been aged in oak barrels, you get hints of an oaky aftertaste. This is the perfect drink to linger over long, meaningful conversations.



When you first sip this beer, you’ll be forgiven for thinking, “Wait, why is it sour?” Fermented with wild yeast, this beer is also infused with a generous amount of cassis (black currant) during the brewing process, creating a distinctive tart flavour. We recommend having this as a pre-dinner drink; the sour flavours will whet your appetite.



Sauternes is a white wine native to the Bordeaux region of France, and this beer has been aged in Sauterne barrels, which imbues the beer with a distinctively sweet, almost buttery flavour. Some people even feel the taste is reminiscent of a dry white wine or champagne. Ideal for brunch or picnics, or a celebratory tipple!



In this particular Spontan series, the berries from sea buckthorn is added during the brewing process. Sea buckthorn is a type of herb commonly found in China, and its leaves, flowers, and fruits are known for its healing properties. Don’t worry, there’s nothing medicinal about this brew – the flavours are zesty, fruity, and go down like a punch.



No, a gooseberry is not a person who tags along when a couple goes on a date! Gooseberries are an edible fruit native to Europe, northwestern Africa, as well as west, south, and southeast Asia. This is a refreshing brew that’s light and smooth on the palate – great for those hot, lazy afternoons where you just wanna veg out and do nothing …

(Due to unforeseen circumstances, #DNAHxDruggists will be postponed till further notice.
Please watch this space!)

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In conjunction with Druggists and Volkswagen Singapore, Go Away is organising the second edition of #DNAH (Don’t Nuah At Home). As the name suggests, we want you to get out of your homes and go discover just how happening Singapore really is! This time, we’ll be kicking back and relaxing at Druggists, a craft beer restaurant that serves kickass brews from 23 taps. There will also be a craft beer blind tasting for the first 10 registrants AND an Instagram contest where the most creative picture will drive a Volkswagen home for a weekend!

Event Details:

Date: 26 September, Saturday

Time: 4pm to 6pm

Venue: 119 Tyrwhitt Road

Instagram Contest:

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Craft Beer Blind Taste Test:

For just $30, you’ll get to sample six unique craft beers! Rope in your friends and see who can get the most correct answers! The first person who gets a full score wins a Druggists shirt AND a chance to test-drive a Volkswagen car for AN ENTIRE WEEK! (Though, with six beers in your belly, I reckon everybody wins!) To register, email with your name, contact details, and number of seats you’ll like to register for. Seats will be allocated on a first come first served basis, so hurry!

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