Could These Be The Coolest Jobs Around The World? Anything Goes

You can actually get paid for fun, literally! By Sharifah Nursyafiqah

Feeling cooped up in your office environment? Tired of working the grind from 9 to 5? Check out the wacky jobs that some lucky folks get paid to do – and who knows, you might be doing one of these some day!

1. Panda Hugger


Last year, China’s Giant Panda Protection and Research Center opened applications for panda-nannies, or caretakers tasked with cuddling and caring for panda cubs. According to the organisers, your only assignment is to spend “365 days with the pandas and sharing in their joys and sorrows.” Perks include 200, 000 yuan (S$44, 350) a year, free meals, transport and accommodation.


2. Netflix tagger


Getting paid to watch hours and hours of television? Yes please! Popular US Internet streaming service Netfilx hires taggers to watch new content, and categorise them with a human touch. Taggers provide a myriad of information like genres, character descriptions, or flag for caution or controversy. There are only 40 taggers around the world, but with Netflix launching in Singapore early next year, you might get a chance to be paid to binge-watch on movies and television shows.


3. Mermaid-for-hire


If Ariel has always been your favourite Disney princess, this might be the job for you. Cara Nicole Neo, better known as her mermaid moniker Syrena, is Singapore’s first mermaid and a professional mermaid performer who has hosted corporate events and children’s parties. The job involves telling stories and performing tricks in the water, raking in around $200 for 45 minutes of work. Think you got what it takes to don a fishtail of your own? You can try your hand at the craft with the Singapore Mermaid School (complete with theory and swimming sessions), founded by Syrena herself.


4. Professional sleeper


Here’s one way you can never be caught sleeping on the job. In 2013, Hotel Finn in Helsinki was recruiting a “professional sleeper” to test their new beds and rooms for comfort, as well as blog about their hotel experience. The only job requirement? Being fluent in Finnish and English. No surprise that this job saw hundreds of applicants for the 35-day stint!


5. Chief Instagram Officer


The job requirements of this position at Hillside Beach Club in Turkey is simple: snap awe-inspiring photos as you lounge in the picturesque resort, and upload them onto the hotel’s Instagram page. The hotel recruited six lucky people last year, giving each individual a week-long free stay in the hotel in exchange for their photo-uploading skills. Not too different from what you’d be doing while on holiday in this beautiful country anyway!


6. Flavour Guru

ice cream

Ever wondered who gets to come up with your favourite ice cream flavours? The research and development team in Ben & Jerry’s are dubbed the Flavour Gurus, and it is their job to experiment with the wildest ingredients, or play around with recipes, to invent the next hit flavour for this Vermont-based ice cream company. That said, with quirky flavours created in local ice cream parlours in Singapore, we’re pretty sure you can find yourself becoming a Flavour Guru right here too!


7. Chief Funster


Following the highly successful campaign for The Best Job In The World by Tourism Queensland, hiring a caretaker for the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, Tourism Australia launched a similar campaign in 2013 with more job offerings. The Chief Funster is perfect for the party animal in you – this lucky person gets to review festivals and events in New South Wales, post their thoughts on social media and be a VIP in Sydney.

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