Restaurants At The Ends Of The Singapore Island Food Notes

Curious about the restaurants you might find at the furthest ends of our little red dot? Well, so were we. So we went exploring and discovered these!

Singapore’s not a huge place but some places are just less accessible than others. But we feel that the inaccessibility adds to the charm – you just need a car. So, when the Go Away team was given a chance to take the Volkswagen Touareg for a spin, we jumped on it and prepared ourselves for a night of eating and drinking. With its HUGE size, the car is like a TANK! Driving for close to 8 hours in the Touareg didn’t feel at all taxing on the body or the mind. In fact, it was sooooo comfortable, we were able to hold a mini karaoke session in it!

So, ready to find out what restaurants lie on the furthest ends of our country?






57 Jalan Mempurong
Tel: 6475 9571 

Right at the very northern tip of Singapore is a restaurant dedicated to all things bikes and engines. In a big group with a designated driver? Then go ahead and order up a serving of frozen margarita or daiquiri because the server will whizz the entire lot in a blender powered by a motorcycle engine. It’s a hell of a lot of noise but hey, INSTAGRAM-WORTHY stuff, yo! Must-eats include the Blossom Onion (battered onion that blooms into a lotus-like shape upon frying), the Cocaine Wings in low, medium or high heat, and the steaks.





Tanjong Beach Club
120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa Island
Tel: 6270 1355 

Whether it’s bright and sunny, or when the sun’s down, Tanjong Beach Club is an awesome hangout for families, courting couples, and swinging singles. Parents with kids and loads of stuff to carry will appreciate the ample parking spaces right by the restaurant’s entrance. The scenery is reason enough to visit this oasis but feel free to tuck into its sumptuous spread of food offerings and yummy cocktails. The Super Surf & Turf and the Octopus Salad come highly recommended.





Little Island Brewing Co 
6 Changi Village Road
Tel: 6543 9100 

When we visited, the microbrewery still had yet to start brewing its own beer. BUT, they were already brewing their own house sodas and we fell head over heels in love with the ginger beer. With just the right hint of heat and kick, the ginger beer is a thirst-quencher that is sure to leave an impression. The restaurant also serves up awesome barbeque. We had the beef brisket and found it to be melt-in-your-mouth tender with just the right amount of smokiness. Overall, it’s a restaurant well worth the drive and the traffic jam!





Tan Chin Lee Sea-Fresh Restaurant
71 Pioneer Road
Tel: 6861 5428 

You only come to this restaurant for the experience. More than 35 years old, this seafood restaurant started in the Tuas Fishing Village as a roadside “cze char” stall. Once you’ve stepped inside, you’ll be somewhat awed by its old-school Chinese restaurant interior; it’s straight out of a 70s movie set. We ordered the fried baby squid (not fried to death so it’s crispy yet still juicy) and the mee goreng (it’s got wok-hei, yay!). We were not disappointed by the food,  but be warned that if you are looking for more creative dishes like milk-powder pork ribs, you won’t find them here.

And in case you are still curious about that mini-karaoke session we had in the Touareg …

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