These Singaporean Brands Are A Threat To Your Credit Card Buy Buy Buy

Warning: Do not visit these websites if you’re feeling low, stressed, unhappy, or angry. Go Away will not be held responsible for the amount you’ll end up spending on retail therapy. 

1. Supermama

Its Merlion “chou-chou”, a ridiculously cute plush toy of Singapore’s lion-fish icon, is sold out but because people will offer their firstborns up to the Devil for one, these plushies are being resold on sites like Carousell for twice its original price. You’ll also find blue-Ming inspired plates in designs bearing motifs related to Singapore, such as the Singapore Art Museum and, again, the Merlion. And, don’t forget to get yourself a dragon-playground doorstopper – according to fans of this shop, it’s a must-have!


2. When I Was Four

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An online store filled with whimsical accessories and stuff inspired by things from our childhood (okay … maybe the childhood of those born before 1990). A necklace with a pendant in the shape of those Magnolia tetrahedra packs, a pin that says “好公民”, or t-shirts with prints of ang kuk kueh and huat kueh … aargh! Stop tempting us!!!!


3. The Little Drom Store

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The Playground series plates make for a perfect housewarming gift … wait … actually, we think we’ll keep them for ourselves! The Little Drom Store is also responsible for those cheeky Singlish pins that say stuff like, “For The Superb Singaporean: Swee”. You must, must, must check out its tote bags too – personal favourite: Chop Chop Curry Pok.


4. Aug Ku Kueh Girl

Drawing their inspiration from local snacks like the Teochew png kueh (the pink peach-shaped rice cake), this store has wristlets and pouches that will put an end to those ugly “lunch bags” we like to carry to store our barang-barang (Malay for “stuff”) like our Ezlink card and loose change. Be sure to check out its online store ASAP (oops, sorry, did we just encouraged you to shop??) because it’s got a LIMITED EDITION SNOWSKIN MOONCAKE WRISTLET THAT’S JUST SO SEASON-APPROPRIATE!!! WE WAAAAAANT!!!


5. Temasek Clothings

This is the brand behind those “风和日丽” Chinese compo t-shirts. ACS boys and MGS girls with an insane pride in your schools, there are even versions of this Chinese compo t-shirt with your badges printed on them.


6. Naiise

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For a one-stop shop for all things local, Naiise is the place to go! Besides stuff from the brands mentioned above, you’ll also find beautiful prints bearing Singapore-themed motifs and small-batch artisanal foodstuff by homegrown brands like Ette Tea (try its awesome Nasi Lemak Tea!) and Poppy & Co.

Happy shopping! Don’t say we bo-jio!

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