Haunted Schools In Singapore. Is Yours One Of Them? Anything Goes

Remember those times at recess when a group of you would huddle in a corner to share stories of a certain haunted corner of your school? Well, these stories are here to say hi again. 

It’s the Hungry Ghost Festival and of course we had to give ourselves, and you, a little scare. Hanging out outside a compound that used to be the location of a girls’ school in Singapore got the Go Away team thinking, “Hey! Did your old school have a ghost story?” So we went around asking our friends for ghost stories relating to their old schools.

1. Methodist Girls’ School at Mount Sophia 

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“Many believe that the Mount Sophia campus of MGS is haunted. There are several ghost stories but one of the creepiest has to be the one about the tree with a yellow ribbon tied around its trunk. It is said that many ghosts stalk its immediate vicinity and those who go close to the tree would always feel a bit ‘unsettled’. Another one is about the fourth floor toilet of the newer wing. It was known to be locked and students had to go one floor down to use the loo. No one knew why the entire toilet was locked up but one of the stories claimed that a student committed suicide inside. Once, a friend and I decided to do a bit of paranormal investigation ourselves. We made our way to the supposedly haunted toilet, tried the door, and found it locked. But just as we were about to leave, the door handle moved by itself! Needless to say, the two of us ran screaming all the way down to the tuckshop, into the safety of our noisy friends.”


2. Anglo-Chinese School at Barker Road

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“Many old boys say that the ghost of a woman, dressed in white, haunts the school at Barker Road. Some say the ghost wears a white samfu, some say she’s wearing a kimono. But all sources eventually concur that the ghost haunts the school because she’s looking for her baby. One source has it that a boy, staying late in school, encountered the woman in white. Upon seeing how she looked like, he died of fright.

Another story is about the clock tower. One story has it that a boy was killed when he fell into the gears and got crushed to death. Some students say that they can hear screaming when they stayed late in school. I used to hang out in that clock tower when I was in Sec 3 because it was just a short distance away from my class. One lazy midmorning, when I was skiving up there, I turned and saw what looked like a bunch of discarded rubbish in a corner. I was completely spooked when it stood up and mumbled something at me. My hair stood up and I ran for it. I’m quite sure it wasn’t human, but then again, ACS boys are good at playing ghostly tricks.”


3. Fuchun Primary School at Woodlands Centre Road

“The school relocated in 2005, but the former compound still remains – and it looks every bit a haunted, abandoned and decrepit building that it is believed to be. One of the more popular alleged sightings was that of a pontianak lingering behind the music room, but I remember the hall held many spooky memories too. Backstage, things would go mysteriously missing or get re-arranged, strange sounds could be heard from corners where no one was seen, etc. Once, I was playing hide-and-seek with friends, and I wanted to hide in the hollow space under the stage. But when I opened the trapdoor and was about to enter, I saw several yellow paper talisman pasted on the pillars. Needless to say I immediately shut the door and stopped playing. Many say the school used to be a dumping ground for the victims of World War II, while some claim it used to be a hospital during the same period. Whatever it used to be, the building is best left alone and uninhabited.”


4. Ngee Ann Polytechnic at Clementi Road

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“Seems like there’s no rest for the haunted at the School of Engineering! Rumour has it that a female engineering student was raped by a lecturer on the 7th floor of one of the buildings, after which she jumped to her death. This incident allegedly took place not long after the school was built. Interestingly, the building was later described as having just 6 stories – though there were 2 lift buttons above “6” that were painted black. Another more popular story centres on another female engineering student who died after her hair got pulled into a machine and her scalp was ripped off at an engineering workshop. Apparently, agonising screams could still be heard at night.”


5. Eusoff Hall at National University of Singapore at Clementi Road

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“Apparently, my old room in C Block was supposedly haunted because it was a pathway spirits used to get into this world. One day a friend visited the room and claimed that a spirit followed her out of the room and would have continued to follow her back to her room in A Block. The gutsy girl turned around and scolded the spirit before it would leave her alone. Another room in D Block is said to be haunted by the spirit of a little girl, who lived inside the cupboard. A former resident said that whenever she wasn’t around, the spirit would play with her plastic IKEA cups. She only knew about her presence when another resident with a ‘third eye’ told her. Over at A Block, many former residents have related their own personal stories of hauntings. One guy said an old lady once flew past his window while a girl said she told a ghost named Marilyn that they can co-exist in the same room as long as they agree to leave the other alone. Does this make Eusoff Hall the most haunted place in NUS??”


6. National University of Singapore at Bukit Timah

“In 2009, NUS placed a notice in front of the Federal Building of the Bukit Timah campus ‘warning’ students that a headless ghost was roaming about the campus. The notice also detailed how ghosts of Japanese soldiers have been sighted marching up and down the halls. The notice was one of nine signs along the the Campus Heritage Trail that sought to inform visitors about the history of the place. So how true were the sightings? One source tells us how he once saw a headless ghost dressed white, in the upper quadrant of the Bukit Timah campus. Others have also claimed to see the ghost of a pontianak (Malay ghost) crawling up along the side of the building at night.”


7. Tanjong Katong Secondary School (TKSS) at Haig Road

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“The music studio in TKSS is home to more than an award-winning marching band. One source told us how during the band camp’s nightwalk, as they were walking outside the hall, they suddenly heard the scuffling and stamping sounds of people marching inside the hall. Another source reports that the band overheard sounds of a difficult trumpet solo being played inside the Music Room at 3am. There is also a locked L-shaped toilet in the school campus, named as such due to the L-shape layout. The story goes that a student once aborted her child in the toilet, before committing suicide. Legend has it that if you look into the toilet mirror, you will see a girl holding her baby and screaming.”


8. Nanyang Polytechnic at Ang Mo Kio

“Students in the Nursing Block are not advised not to remain in the building too late into night. Our source tells us about the lift in Block K of the building, located in a secluded corner, hidden behind a magnetic door. According to her, if three people enter this lift, one of them will be able to see an extra panel appearing on the lift door. The eerie atmosphere of the place is further heightened when the lift stops at Level 3, which is where bodies are rumoured to be kept for research purposes. There is a tale of a group of students who were staying late in the Nursing School. On a whim, they decided to play hide-and-seek in the building. As one of the girls in the group was looking for her friends, she sighted a plastic dummy raising its hand, before turning to look at her. She screamed and ran out of the block, only to bump into her friend, who was crying and saying she had witnessed the same thing.”


9. River Valley High School at West Coast Road

“There was an area outside an auditorium at the old River Valley High School campus with seven to eight huge potted plants arranged in a large circle. Apparently, there was a well where the potted plants was used to be, but was covered up after seven or eight students killed themselves in a suicide pact after receiving less-than-satisfactory O level results. The potted plants were there to help remember the students who died. Their spirits were said to haunt the school and, as a result, there were two stone lions placed behind the auditorium, which were supposed to help ward them off, but here’s the freaky part: Students who were in the auditorium for P.E., sometimes, reported that the statues were not there.”


10. Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) at Emerald Hill

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“There were so many stories I heard about as a primary school student at the famed old campus of SCGS at Emerald Hill. One of them was about a toilet in the primary school building that was haunted by a young female ghost, Moaning Myrtle (from Harry Potter) style. Yet another story that was passed on for generations had to do with a well that was covered up somewhere close to the secondary school block. Legend has it that an old caretaker drowned one of his family members in the well, and the spirit haunted the school for many years. Those buildings now house the Chatsworth International School, and I’m curious as to whether the international school students have their own supernatural stories to speak of.”

Do you have a ghost story of your old school? If so, share the spook here in the Comments below!

Note: These stories are taken from either ex-students of the school mentioned or from popular legends shared amongst present students. The images used are to give readers an idea of what some of the campuses look like. The Instagram accounts do not share the ghost stories. Some of the schools may have relocated to new locations.

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  1. My friends said and no kio primary school haunted because they said before the school is build into a school it was a haunted hospital.Eventually I go to that school one time my classmates they went into a toilet at the canteen they could hear footsteps behind them and they ran out of the toilet because the foot steps was becoming louder.

  2. I was a Chatsworth student 2 years ago. It isn’t haunted unless you count the students

  3. My younger sister’s school is haunted she said once her teacher told her the integrity block was the dirtiest as back then it was Braddle West Lake there was a study who committed suicide I think then one teacher was teaching she saw a girl but stay calm for the class of students then go to staff room tell teachers not only this integrity block Lvl 4 girls toilet people believe to hear flushing noise in cubical but no one there don’t know the story but some say a girl die in there or something but not locked all go down to Lvl 3 to use toilet and music room and the LR Room 4 known as band room and Dance room are haunted my sister said the teacher told the class of 6 students it was a she. Don’t know if they are real or not as she said teacher told her as some of those teachers aesthete quite long already so not sure lah

    • My school lvl 1 toilet P1 block was haunted since P1 I join the school it was really weird because stuff moved by itself last ear we had a big puddle of water in class while we were cleaning there were a few people who say our friend’s bottle float and drop i cried…

  4. St.Patrick’s School has a long history,as such we have some ghost stories.One was that a little boy wearing a red shirt at the art block.

  5. I come from SGSS.There is a slanted bridge that connects two blocks and it has been reported that a boy once jumped from there and died. There have been teachers reporting seeing the boy in the evening and the choir members can vouch they see a white figure moving under the bridge(choir room used to be under the bridge). I went down there once on a dare during a camp and I called the ghost to come out since I didn’t believe the story. The next morning, I had this big ugly bruise on my bicep like someone had pinched me and my friend that had accompanied me had one too but smaller. I went back to the bridge and apologised and the bruise disappeared 2 hours later.

  6. Omg Fuchun Sec 2 especially at the Band room.

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