How To Plan Your Own Private Themed-Dinner Under $600 Food Notes

Why jostle with the dinner crowds (and contend with traffic) when you can enjoy a restaurant-style dinner in the comfort of your home?

When you think about hosting a dinner party in your home, what’s the first thing you think of? For me, it’s the dreaded post-party cleaning up. Just the thought of having to wash a sink full of dirty dishes is enough to make me want to pick up the phone and make a restaurant reservation. But now we can enjoy a professionally prepared meal in our own home and even have the kitchen cleaned up … score!

Image Credit: Carlina Teteris

Image Credit: Carlina Teteris

Clubvivre is an online chef-on-demand service that caters to people who want to entertain in the comfort of their homes (or special venues like an outdoor garden or onboard a yacht) without having to worry about the food. On Clubvivre, you can choose from over 70 chefs and 300 menus – from your usual Chinese, French, and Italian to more exotic fare like Lebanese and Uzbek. Some of the chefs-for-hire include executive level chefs such as Jean-Phillippe Patruno from UNA to professional private chefs such as Eric Low.

A Complete Experience

Of course, we all know a great dining experience is not just about the food – it’s a complete multi-sensory experience. Depending on your party theme, the Clubvivre customer service team can also help with selecting special tableware, themed styling, customising a drinks menu to feature the specialities of a particular region, right down to selecting music to fit your party theme.

Carlina Teteris, a photographer who travels frequently for work, enjoys unwinding with friends over good food and wine whenever she gets home. She says, “Whenever I’m in town, I try to have friends over just to try out the unusual dishes or flavours I picked up while travelling. Some of the recurring dinner themes I’ve had include: Thai, Indonesian, Mexican, and even Pancake Day! I like working with the chefs to figure out new dishes from the various ingredients that I bring back from my travels. ”

Image Credit: Carlina Teteris

Image Credit: Carlina Teteris

Chefs-for-hire also enjoy being able to flex their creative muscles during such private dinners. Chef Shalu Asnani says, “Private themed dinners allow me to constantly evolve and create new menus for my clients based on my and their travels, or current food obsessions. I absolutely love watching people having a good time with their friends while enjoying my food!”

3 Tips To Make Your Themed Dinner A Success

Before you even start planning your dinner party, here are three things to think about: who are your guests, how do you want them to feel, and of course, your budget. First, you need to know the dynamics of your guests – if you are all good friends, it might be easier to go crazy with party ideas as everyone is already comfortable with each other. However, if you are hosting a mixed group of different cliques, it might be safer to go with a tried-and-tested theme. Another thing to bear in mind is whether your intended theme will fly with your audience – for example,  if you’re hosting a dinner for guests with more traditional tastebuds, they may prefer familiar foods over fancy fusion cuisine.

Second, think about what kind of experience you want your guests to have – do you want them to be completely wowed? Or simply to relax and feel like they’re on a holiday? Or perhaps you want them to feel like they’re going on an adventure? All these questions will help you better plan your party.

Third and perhaps most importantly, what’s your budget? While it may be easy to have an amazing party when you have the cash, having a tight budget also forces you to get creative and that can make your party even more unique and fun!

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