Discover Your Most Defining Singaporean Trait With This Quiz! Anything Goes

Can’t help but tear up a bit every time the NDP (National Day Parade) crowds break out into “Home”? Always feel your heart swell in pride when you hear “Count On Me Singapore!”? Take our quiz to find out which Singapore patriotic song is the most accurate reflection of your defining Singaporean-trait! 

If you were a songwriter, how would you write some of our Singapore patriotic songs? And, what would that say about your personality? Take the quiz below to find out!

Which line should come after: "When there are troubles to go through ..."

Which line should come after, "There's a new moon arising!"

Which line should come after, "Stand up for Singapore, do the best you can"

Which line should come after, "Where I belong ..."

Which line should come after this line, "You and me, will do our part"

Which line should come after, "See the moon and the stars"


Check out this video by our friends from Volkswagen Singapore!

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