These SG50-Branded Products Made Us Go “Huh?” Anything Goes

Fishcakes aren’t the only things getting in on the action. 

1. 45R T-shirts

Singapore Limited T-Shirts

To be fair, Japanese cult label 45R is not the only apparel brand releasing SG50 T-shirts. But what made us do a double-take was the price, which starts from $130. For a T-shirt! Still, if you’re feeling particularly patriotic and you have money to burn, you might be glad to know that these feature a dry touch texture (whatever that means) and high breathability material … just in case you’re catching the fireworks display outdoors on August 9.

45R is located at #01-13/14 Capitol Piazza. 


2. Swarovski SG50 collection

Crystal Myriad Merlion

Have you ever thought to yourself, “There’s something missing in my life … something only a crystal-studded Merlion can make complete.” If so, you’ll be happy to know that Swarovski is making all Merlion-related dreams come true with this glittery piece that has been hand-set with a whopping 15, 793 clear crystals. Surely it’s the one thing that would take pride of place in your living room … and in your heart.

Swarovski is located at #01-25/26/27 Ngee Ann City. 


3. SG50 juices by HICJUICE


The 50 Shades of Red juice is made with an antioxidant rich blend of pomegranate, watermelon, beetroot, coconut water, and chia seed, while the Mango Jubilee has mango, coconut meat and chia seed blended coconut water. All very healthy and refreshing, and they go for just $10 a pop. We’re only slightly disappointed that there isn’t a white option available.

HICJUICE is located at #02-470 Suntec City North Wing. 


4. Chilli Crab Sauce on EVERYTHING!!!!

Restaurants and cafes, here’s an idea: If you want to “Singaporean-ise” your menu to celebrate SG50, it’s really very simple! Just swop out your regular sauce for chilli crab sauce. Cos chilli crab is obviously the most Singaporean out of all Singaporean dishes (never mind that it’s really only tourists who ever ask to eat chilli crab). Here’s the proof:

(a) Fish & Co’s SG50 set

Fish & Co. SG50 Press Shot

Main course: Grilled white fish with the chef’s secret chilli crab sauce served with mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

Click here for a full listing of Fish & Co restaurants in Singapore. 

(b) BWB’s Chilli Crab Wings

Chilli Crab Wings

Chilli crab sauce + chicken wings. Can’t go wrong, right?

BWB is located at #11-03/04 Orchard Central. 

(c) Catalunya’s SG50 set


Features a Txangurro Chilli Crab tapa. Includes a rum-based cocktail called Jubilee to really drive the message home.

Catalunya is located at The Fullerton Pavilion. 


5. SG50 Limited-Editions SG50 Bottled Water designs

Watsons Water Bottle_History_2

SG50 when you’re dining. SG50 when you’re shopping. SG50 when you’re out and about taking a stroll. And, of course, SG50 when you’re getting hydrated! SG50 ALL THE TIME! For these limited-edition water bottles, choose between “Home” and “History” – featuring iconic and historical landmarks of Singapore. But which ever one you choose, please, do your country a favour: Help preserve its “clean and green” status by recycling the bottle after you’re done.

Available at Watsons stores islandwide


6. SK Jewellery’s 999 Pure Gold Jubilee Gold Bar

SK Jewellery 999 Pure Gold Jubilee Gold Bars - National Pride Edition

We’re all about celebrating Singapore’s milestones too, but we’re not sure why Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay have become THE defining emblems of Singapore. There are plenty other iconic landmarks worth celebrating too, like the fact that Queenstown was one of the earliest housing estates established. MBS and Gardens by the Bay have become almost, well, banal. Still … I guess if you’re looking to buy an SG50 product that might actually appreciate in value, I guess a gold bar would be it.

Click here for a full listing of SK Jewellery stores. 


7. Pazzion SG50 Capsule Collection


I think we should just be grateful that this collection doesn’t feature orchids, Gardens by the Bay, or designs “inspired by the Singapore flag”.

Click here for a full listing of Pazzion stores. 

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