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When the Zzz Monster pays you a visit at the office, it can be hard to ignore him. Where can you go to get some much kneaded TLC? Or, what if you are out and about, and find yourself with an hour to spare and a pressing need for a quick snooze? Fret not, reader, here are some centrally-located places in Singapore that’ll let you nap in peace.

1. Natureland
Robertson Quay,  11 Unity Street, #01-08 (Tel: 6733 6780)
Valley Point, 491 River Valley Road, #02-01 (Tel: 6338 6780)

Artist impression. Image source: Natureland.

Artist impression. Image source: Natureland.

If you’re visiting during office hours, you will be able to find someone to attend to you even if you’ve not made an appointment. The foot reflexology sessions are done in huge Lazy Boy styled recliners in a darkened area: very conducive for napping. A 30-minute session costs $38 for non-members.


2. Chop! Chop! Massage Express
Chevron House,  30 Raffles Place, #02-36 (Tel: 6536 3108)
Marina Bay Link Mall, #B2-73/74 (Tel: 6834 3108)

If you don’t fancy a massage and just want a nap, Chop! Chop! is the place to go. Offering customers a massage bed, pillow, comforter and an eye mask, customers pay between $20 and $28 for a 30-minute nap. Bedsheets and pillow cases are changed after every use. Chop! Chop! also offers head/neck/shoulder/back massages and foot reflexology on their menu – and they aren’t too shabby either.


3. Virgin Active
One Raffles Place, Tower 2, Level 6 (Tel: 6908 7878)

Image source: Virgin Active Singapore

Image source: Virgin Active Singapore

You’ll need a membership to access its facilities. If you are shopping for a gym membership and your office is located in the vicinity of Raffles Place, this might be a good idea. Not only does Virgin Active offer its members the use of sleep pods, it also has a Rest & Recovery zone where you can soak your tired feet in footbaths and enjoy a detoxifying steam in the Himalayan Salt Inhalation Room.


4. Spayuri
Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road, #02-25 (Tel: 6333 0003)

Image source: Spayuri

Image source: Spayuri

From the outside, it may look like just another spa-and-massage salon, but it’s a cavernous space containing not only your typical body treatment rooms and foot reflex zone, it also has a mini gym, entertainment area, sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi. Expect stylish interior with luxurious fittings. The foot reflexology chairs are huge and comfortable – perfect for resting your weary bones.


5. The POD Hotel
289 Beach Road, Level 3 (Tel: 6298 8505)

Image source: The POD Singapore

Image source: The POD Singapore

It’s so beautifully designed, you would want to stay a night at this pod-style hotel just for the experience! Containing 83 capsule-style rooms, each one features a bed, a fold-out table, and a reading light. A locker is located nearby for you to store your luggage and personal items. There are male-only and female-only pod dorms, and free WiFi is available to guests 24/7. Prices start as low as $42 (the price of a one-hour foot reflex, really) per night. If, for some reason, you’re working late and starting early, this may be just a better solution than taking the cab.


6. J’s Salon
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, 392 Havelock Road (Tel: 6834 0012)

Image source: J's Salon

Image source: J’s Salon

Ok, this is for those of you who really wanna splurge on yourself. A 45-minute Relaxation Head Massage at one of Singapore’s most renowned hair salons starts at $108. We have tried many scalp and hair treatments at J’s Salon and the results are always beautiful. If you want to spoil yourself silly and get those stressed out tresses back to their former glory, make an appointment here because the view you get at the treatment zone alone will be well-worth the price tag.


7. SK-II Boutique Spa 
Shaw Centre, 1 Scotts Road, #02-06 (Tel: 6836 9168)
Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-54 (Tel: 6336 4880)

Image source: SK-II Boutique Spa

Image source: SK-II Boutique Spa

Wake up to more beautiful skin? Yes, please! At the SK-II Boutique Spa, you’ll not only get a great facial, you’ll fall in love with the spa’s awesome bed. Aptly named the Senzational Bed, the treatment bed used here is designed to be extra wide, longer, and plusher. Sparing no expenses, it uses goose down mattresses, a thick duvet, and a Tempur pillow so you’ll never fail to sink into Dreamland the moment you are tucked in. It’s like getting a facial done on a 5-star hotel bed!


8. G Spa
102 Guillemard Road, #02-02 (Tel: 6280 8988)

Image source: G Spa

Relaxation Lounge. Image source: G Spa

Get a massage, nap some more, and enjoy a buffet when you wake up! At G Spa (it’s 24 hours, btw), massage packages come bundled with use of its facilities like wet rooms and relaxation lounge, and a buffet. Don’t expect healthy, “clean” eats like salads, though. The spa’s focus is on giving customers an enjoyable, relaxing experience, so be prepared to be fed to your heart’s content on comfort food like lontong, nasi briyani and tom yum bee hoon.

She can’t sit still. Doesn’t sleep well either. But, Debs has found the one thing that’ll help her mind switch off – baking. There’s nothing she likes better than just focusing her energy on getting a cake or a pie to turn out right. With this newfound passion, she has made it a point to bring back interesting ingredients whenever she travels, so she can use them in her desserts. She names Tokachi of Hokkaido in Japan as one of her favourite places.


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