7 Fun Ways To Get Active In Singapore Without Feeling Like You’re Exercising Anything Goes

Hate jogging? Detest bootcamps? Don’t understand why you’re so unmotivated to exercise? Well, here are some suggestions that are so fun, it’ll feel like you’re … just playing!

1. Surfset Singapore
454B Joo Chiat Road

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A workout done atop a surfboard, without the ocean! Surfset was invented by a former professional hockey player who found that surfing daily gave him better results in his physique and sporting performance than his regular workouts at the gym. A full-body workout, moves are done on top of a wobbly board to simulate the movement it would make in the water. This trains up your core, improves your flexibility and muscle strength, and helps tone up the body. It looks like a breeze to do but, trust us, it can be tough for those not used to working out on an unstable surface.

2. Amped Trampoline Park
Various locations. Check out

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It’s indoor so you can’t complain about the sun. It’s got 3 locations so you can’t say it’s out of the way. It’s jumping up and down on a trampoline so you can’t accuse it of being boring. Besides being a good cardiovascular workout, jumping on a trampoline strengthens the muscles of the feet all the way up to the stomach, resulting in increased metabolism. Trampoline jumping also develops your sense of balance and coordination, and helps improve your posture. Ever tried jumping up and down on your bed as a kid? Remember how out of breath but deliriously happy you felt? Yep. Be prepared to expect this same heady rush all over again!

3. Wave House Sentosa
36 Siloso Beach Walk

The party atmosphere is enough to make you forget that you’ll be burning some serious calories. Although the place has been in business for several years already, the experience never gets old, especially if you are itching for the surf but don’t have the time to get away for a holiday. Beginners can start at the Double Flowrider where instructors will help acquaint you with the basics. More proficient surfers can then progress to the FlowBarrel, famed for its perfect 10-foot wave. Tip: Wear a wetsuit top if you want to guard against any wardrobe malfunction.

4. Forest Adventure
Bedok Reservoir

A true test of your guts and upper body strength. Conquering this tree-top obstacle course will take 2 1/2 hours and a lot of tenacity! But don’t worry. It’s so fun and exciting, we guarantee you will feel like a kid roaming his favourite playground. Navigating obstacles like wobbly logs will provide a good core workout while scaling and climbing work the arms and back. You will ache the next day but, hey, no ache no gain!

5. Ketam Mountain Bike Park
Pulau Ubin
Take a ferry from Changi Point Ferry Terminal

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A 45-ha park consisting of 10km of mountain bike trails, the Ketam Mountain Bike Park is the first park in Singapore to meet the international standards for mountain biking competitions. Beginner cyclists will be able to manage the Blue Square trail with its gentle to moderately steep slopes. As you get better, you can progress to the Black Diamond trail and, eventually, the Double Black Diamond trail. Rent a mountain bike at any of the bike shops at the public jetty. The park is about a 20 – 30 minute ride away. The adrenaline rush you’ll get will make you forget you’re actually working out!

6. People’s Association Water Venture Discovery Series

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A series of kayaking experiences created by the People’s Association to help introduce Singaporeans to the wildlife and vegetation along the island’s waterways, there are programmes for exploring the reservoirs, the sea, and the mangrove. More like an exploratory tour, you’ll find yourself so amazed by the vast variety of plant and animal life, it’ll make all the paddling worth it! The series is design to cater to all skill levels with instructors present to ensure everyone is well taken care of. Visit the website or its Facebook Page to get information on the latest tours and courses.

7. Stand Up Paddling School

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In our opinion, the Stand Up Paddling School operating at Tanjong Beach at Sentosa is the best for beginners. Not only is the water there calmer, founder Isabelle’s boards and equipment are well-maintained. The fact that she is insistent that SUP (stand up paddling) should be done with a leg leash is a big plus in our books because it shows she gives a shit about safety. Trying to keep your balance on a SUP board will strengthen your core while the paddling will work your arms and torso. It’s the total body workout of choice of celebrities like Cameron Diaz because it helps you build that lean, toned look. You can also do yoga and Pilates on a SUP board.


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