Inside Twitter’s Beautiful New Headquarters in Singapore Anything Goes

Twitter has made its APAC headquarters in Singapore and Go Away was invited to its housewarming party last week! As with most nosey party guests, we simply have to perv around this new home. Get ready for some serious office-porn. By Sharifah Nursyafiqah

[Note: It was initially stated that “Sirius Design” is the firm behind Twitter’s HQ’s look. It is “Siren Design”. The mistake has been corrected.]

Designed by Ellen Yap from Siren Design,  Twitter’s HQ is Instagram-worthy, with touches created through a collaboration with students from LASALLE. Note to employers: Go Away will not be responsible if your staff decide to send in their resumes to Twitter after this post. But … can you really blame them???

1. Visual identity game is strong here


The art installation that greets you when you enter the office is a work by LASALLE students. According to Nicholas Ooi from the Faculty of Design, “We used a single piece of blue yarn to connect across Twitter’s key offices, with Singapore at the heart of the installation. At a closer glance, you will be able to see the first tweets from each of the official country accounts, reinforcing each market’s national pride in celebrating the opening of a new Twitter office.”


2. It’s cosy without being overly homey, industrial without being too cold



The patterned cement breezeway blocks in the reception and waiting area were handmade by craftsmen in one of the few factories left in the region. A total of 200 rectangular and square blocks were required for the reception wall, and another 40 for the waiting area’s island bar.


3. Creativity is EVERYWHERE


In line with Twitter’s bird icon, all 20 meeting rooms in the office are named after birds such as Emu, Cuckoo and Egret.


4. We need these tiles!!!


Said Aliza Knox, Managing Director of Online Sales in Twitter APAC,  “The Peranakan wall and floor tiles are steeped in the Art Noveau Style characterised by richly coloured hues and delicate geometric patterns, and often seen in Peranakan heritage buildings at Emerald Hill, Ann Siang Hill, Katong and Joo Chiat Road today.”


We love how the designers weaved in nostalgic features such as window grilles and bricks were used on flats in Singapore’s more mature estates like Tiong Bahru and Queenstown. Aren’t those Chinese antique stools just lust-worthy?


5. It’s like walking into an artist’s studio …


There are 16 fabric lanterns hanging in areas such as the pantry and quiet rooms. These were hand-painted in a day by Vietnamese artist, Nhue.


6. When they say God is in the details …


… they are right! Notice the wallpaper is also bird-themed?


7. #RealTimeLab


A new #RealTimeLab is basically where social media magic takes place. Here, Twitter staffers monitor campaigns, analytics and data taking place on the platform.


8. Where work and play collide

Twitter APAC Office - 06 Commons (1)

Twitter APAC Office - 13 Games Room

Because employees who get along and have fun together probably work well together!



What a way to display the company’s core values on this eye-catching feature wall. Welcome to your new nest, Twitter!

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  1. Lynette Says: June 20, 2015 at 2:30 am

    Hi, in this article about Twitter’s office, the name of the firm is Siren Design, not Sirius Design. You might want to correct that.

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