Your Day Of Crazy In Singapore. Yes,  You Read That Right The Great Escape

It’s possible to do more than just shopping and eating in Singapore. In fact, if you want to see a crazy, slightly off-kilter side of Singapore, why not aim to cover as many of these activities as possible in 24 hours?
I don’t know about you but if I hear someone say there’s nothing to do in Singapore one more time, I’m going to quit my day job and become a fixer for people who want to see Singapore beyond the malls and restaurants. I’m pretty confident these 10 activities below will keep you busy from Friday right up to Sunday. In fact, I wonder if anyone is crazy enough to complete this list in a single day. Let me know if you do!
1. Become A Speed Demon

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Even if you’re not a fan of Formula 1, go-karting is a sport that’s guaranteed to add a dash of thrill to your day. KF1 Karting, located at Kranji, boasts of a one-of-a-kind race track. Designed by renown circuit designer Herman Tilke, it runs under the MRT line, and can be configured in 3 different ways. Get that need for speed out of your system here.

KF1 Karting is located at 1 Turf Club Avenue. Click here for booking details.
2. Go On A Forest Adventure

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Singapore’s first and only tree-top obstacle course, the entire thing will take you about 2 and half hour to complete. Navigate the 35 different obstacles, which include zip-lining, wobbly logs, free falling, and more. You’ll get to enjoy an unobstructed view of Bedok Reservoir while you’re at it. Be prepared for some bruises if you are the sort who need to haul yourself across some of the more daunting stations.

Forest Adventure is located at Bedok Reservoir. Get the taxi to drop you off at Carpark A. Click here for booking details.
3. Conquer Your Fear Of Heights 

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Need another place to throw yourself off from great heights? Get thee over to Siloso Beach at Sentosa for MegaZip Adventure Park. Featuring 4 attractions – MegaZip, ClimbMax, ParaJump, and NorthFace – the park will have you squealing either in fear or exhilaration. The MegaZip sends you flying across the jungle canopy of Imbiah Hill and across the sea at Siloso, while ParaJump is a 15m free fall aimed at replicating a parachute jump.

MegaZip Adventure Park is located at Imbiah Hill Road. For more details, click here.
4. Get Lost In A Magnificent View

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A hike at MacRitchie Reservoir has to, most definitely, end with a jaunt at the TreeTop Walk. A free-standing suspension bridge connects the two highest points (Bukit Peirce and Bukit Kalang) in MacRitchie and offers a bird’s eye view of the community of plants and animals that live in the forest canopy. It’s 250m across and 25m at its highest. The bridge is a one-way traffic (important to know!) and you have to get in at the entrance at the Ranger Station via Peirce track.

For more information, click here to download the guide.
5. Work Those Arm Muscles

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Besides cycling and hiking at Pulau Ubin, you can also do a spot of mangrove kayaking. Kayaking will let you enter and explore the mangrove forest around the island from up close and might even earn you sightings of kingfishers, eagles, and egrets. If you’re lucky, you may even spot a family of otters or pink river dolphins. Each session is limited to 20 participants and this is a rain or shine activity so bring a change of clothing.

To book your spot and for more details, click here.
6. Prove You’re The Ultimate Daredevil

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You don’t have to wander very far to put your courage to the test. At Clarke Quay, you’ll find the G-Max (reverse bungy) and the GX-5 (extreme swing). The former reaches 60m into the air, hitting G-force 5 while the latter reaches speeds up to 120kph. These 2 rides have been in Singapore since forever and I still know Singaporeans who are too chicken to try it (yeah, I’m one!).

G-Max and GX-5 are located at 3 River Valley Road, Clarke Quay. To find out more, click here.
7. Run Away To The Circus  

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Not quite Cirque Du Soleil material? No worries. You can still fulfil that circus fantasy of yours at The Flying Trapeze. Located next to family-style Italian restaurant Trapizza, learn basic tricks such as mid-air pirouettes and knee-hangs from the trapeze artists there.

The Flying Trapeze is located at 10 Siloso Walk, Sentosa. Click here for more info.
8. Explore A Cemetery

In land-scarce Singapore, it is becoming increasingly rare for anyone to bury a deceased family member in a cemetery. So why not take the chance to go on a guided tour around some of the remaining cemeteries we have? Regular guided walks are being conducted on a casual basis to Bukit Brown Cemetery – a plot where many famed pioneers of Singapore were laid to rest.

Click here to get the latest updates on these guided tours.
9. Get Those Green Fingers To Work 

There are farms in Singapore, yes. And if you want to immerse yourself completely in the agricultural way of life, there’s no better place to do it than at Bollywood Veggies. Don’t just dine at the bistro or sign up for a cooking class. Go and get your hands dirty with a potting session, a paddy-planting experience or learn to create art using recycled materials. You can also sign up for talks with a bee expert or learn how to make your own mead.

Bollywood Veggies is located at 100 Neo Tiew Road. Visit its website for more details here.
10. Visit The Courts Of Hell 

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Every Friday, The Original Singapore Walks organises a tour to Singapore’s kitschiest theme park – Haw Par Villa. Be blown away by the colourful (and somewhat fearsome) statues of Chinese deities, demons and mythical creatures. Every Singaporean child born before the 80s is probably familiar with the scary vistas of the 18 Courts of Hell and their lessons in morality. To this day, they probably can still tell you about the one showing a man thrown into a cauldron of hot oil to fry as his eternal punishment for treachery.

Find out more about The Original Singapore Walks here.

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