Here’s How You Can Pack For Your Pink Dot Picnic Today! Anything Goes

Put that picnic basket to use today and then, make your way down to Pink Dot at Hong Lim Park! Don’t forget that all-important pink t-shirt, yeah? 

In its seventh year now, Pink Dot Singapore started in 2009 as a movement to celebrate the right to love without fear, discrimination, bigotry, prejudice and ignorance. The event is attended by members of the LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgendered individuals) community and, supporters, friends and families. It’s a family-friendly festival of sharing and celebration, and many parents have been known to make it a family event with their kids. Head down to Hong Lim Park early today – by 4.30pm – to “chope” your picnic spot. So if you are ready to put your basket of goodies together, follow these 5 steps below:

1. Find your “basket”

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There is no need to use an actual basket; a big cardboard box works fine too. In fact, the latter can also come in handy when you’re clearing up – just stuff all the rubbish into the box and take it to the nearest bin.    
2. Containers are your best friends

Reusable containers can be utilised to hold foods like cut fruit, sandwiches, pastas, etcs. There’s no need to just make simple sandwiches. Flex your sandwich making skills using a good crusty bread and great fillings like roast beef, cold cuts, fresh veggies (remember to remove the soggy centres of tomatoes and cucumbers) and hard cheeses. To make sure they don’t shift around while being transported, secure your sandwiches by wrapping them up with baking paper or large paper napkins, and parcel strings [see above].
3. Do cheeseboard

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It’s not as complicated as it sounds. Find a good sturdy wooden board. Select 3 – 4 types of cheeses from the supermarket, and buy stuff like crackers, dried fruit, and crusty bread (cut it up at home). Pack a pair of scissors and a couple of knives for cutting the cheese. Once you’re at the picnic, unwrapped the cheeses and decorate your cheeseboard. This immediately adds a touch of wow to your picnic spread! If you want, you can even bring along a bottle of wine!    
4. Use a cooler for drinks

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Freeze sandwich-sized Ziploc bags of water to make ice packs. If you haven’t done this, filling these bags with ice cubes will do just fine. Place these in your cooler with your bottles of juice, sparkling water, wine, etc. You can also use your cooler to hold mayonnaise-based sandwich fillings or dips for vegetable sticks.
5. Plan for your clean-up too!

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Bring along AT LEAST 2 trash bags. One for holding stuff that you need to throw away, the other for holding things you need to bring home. Always leave the park clean and litter-free.
Now you’re ready to enjoy Pink Dot 2015!  

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Go Away supports everyone’s right to pursue love and happiness without prejudice, discrimination and bigotry. For more info on Pink Dot 2015, visit this website now.

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