Get Your Lobster Fix At 6 Places Around The World Food Notes

The craze and craving for lobster is at an all-time high among foodies all over. Here, we have 6 awesome recommendations for fans of this seafood that was once only fed to prisoners and slaves, and regarded as “spam of the sea”.

All-you-can-eat lobster buffet at Lime, Parkroyal on Pickering 

parkroyal lobsterfest main

Starting at SGD$98 for adult, this lobster buffet is like a wet dream come true for fans of the firm crustacean meat. As part of Singapore’s 50th birthday celebration, the executive chef will be presenting a selection of Maine Lobster dishes influenced by Asian and Western flavours. Besides familiar favourites like Grilled Lobster with Garlic & Thyme, you’ll also find Spicy ”Singapore-style” Chilli Lobster.

This buffet is available from now until 31 August 2015, every Wednesday (6.30pm to 10.30pm), and includes an unlimited flow of chilled juices, soft drinks, beer, coffee and tea. Parkroyal on Pickering is located at 3 Upper Pickering Street. Tel: 6809 8899. 


Diamond Kitchen (Science Park)


At Go Away, we really don’t believe in queuing for our food. SO, while the crowds are forming lines outside more fashionable joints, we are investing our lobster affection in Diamond Kitchen at Science Park. The lobster porridge is off the menu and you’ll need to request for it. The pot of rice is simmered in Chinese wine-spiked chicken stock before it’s topped with steamed lobsters from Singapore. You can “customised” your porridge however you want with the coriander, chopped garlic and chilli padi served on the side.

Diamond Kitchen at Science Park is located at 87 Science Park Drive. Tel: 6464 0410. 


B.O.B’s Lobster 

Everyone says you should go to Burger & Lobster but,  if you didn’t make a reservation, it can be long wait. Instead, be more casual and seek out B.O.B’s Lobster. It’s a food truck operating out of a vintage red & white Volkswagen bus, and you need to follow its Twitter feed to find out what it’s at. Besides its killer lobster rolls, you’ll also find other seafood treats like oysters, lobster bisque, and ahi tuna tacos.

Follow B.O.B’s Lobster at on Twitter at


New York
Red Hook Lobster Pound

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What’s awesome about Red Hook is that it not only has a restaurant in Brooklyn, it also has a food truck in New York City. Red Hook uses only tender claw and knuckle meat in their rolls, saving the tail meat for other dishes like lobster mac and cheese and lobster salads. The rolls come in three varieties: cold with mayo (Maine-style), warm with butter (Connecticut-style), or “Tuscan” (tossed with a basil vinaigrette).

Follow Red Hook’s food truck on Twitter at


Crab And Claw

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To feed your lobster addiction when you’re in Bangkok, go to Crab And Claw on the 7th floor of Helix Building, EmQuartier Mall. The restaurant prides itself on serving the lobster roll in the traditional New England style – chilled chunks of lobster nestled in a hot buttered bun. The restaurant also serves up other seafood dishes and it sources from sustainable seafood vendors.

Crab And Claw is on the 7th floor of Helix Building, EmQuartier Mall (BTS Skytrain Phrom Phong Station across from Emporium Mall).



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First introduced when he was working at St Kilda’s Golden Fields, chef Andrew McConnell took his lobster roll to his new restaurant Supernormal and is offering it as a takeaway at AUS$16. Approximately 50g of rock lobster from Western Australia is stuffed into a small, sweet brioche bun, toasted and smeared with butter and Kewpie mayo with a squirt of lemon juice. The wondrous thing is then topped with watercress and shallots. Sometimes, US lobster is used but that’s only when the Western Australia one is in short supply.

Supernormal is located at 180 Flinders Lane.


Where is your favourite lobster dish found?

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  1. If you talk the best lobster meal in the world and you didn’t mention lobsters from the North Sea, then you really missed the mark.

    One of the best lobsters we’ve tried is served fresh by the pier of Bergen, Norway. You can taste the sweetness of the flesh even from the drippings off the steamed lobster. Heavenly! We ate there five meals in a roll.

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