Who Takes Better Selfie: Baey Yam Keng Or Kim K? Anything Goes

We all know Baey Yam Keng is the selfie-king amongst Singapore’s younger politicians. The only other politician who is perhaps better is the Prime Minister himself. But, how does Mr Baey’s selfie-taking skills compare against The Queen Of Selfies – Kim Kardashian? Go Away pits the two in a selfie face-off. 

Round 1: The Work-out Selfie 


Unless you’re blessed with a derriere like Kim’s, a belfie (a selfie of your behind) is not the most flattering shot. And, it’s a good thing that BYK seems to know that. What does he do? Show off his toned legs instead!

BYK 1: Kim 1 – Anyone who knows his/her best angle in a selfie deserves a point


Round 2: The Car Selfie


Attempting to take a selfie in a moving vehicle is a skill and both our contenders here show satisfactory mastery in this area. Not just that, they know how to use filter and lighting to create extremely flattering pictures. Kim’s, however, is a little heavy on the exposure. BYK, on the other, sets a good example by belting up.

BYK 1: Kim 0 – cos at least you can still make out BYK’s features


Round 3: The Side Selfie


Who’s got the better side view? We can’t decide!

BYK 1: Kim 1 


Round 4: The Up-In-Air Selfie


Selfie in a plane? Meh. Been there, done that. A selfie as co-pilot (even though you may know zilch about flying a plane)? That’s not something everyone can boast about.

BYK 0: Kim 1 – obviously


Round 5: The Makeover Selfie


Is it ever possible for Kim to look bad? Even with her hair in curlers, she looks ready for the red-carpet . BYK took an hour to get red-carpet ready and, we have to say, the finished look, even though with a little bit of shine on the T-zone, isn’t too shabby.

BYK 1: Kim 0 – we always give points to anyone who likes to keep it real 


Round 6: The Deep-In-Thought Selfie 


BYK looks like he’s thinking. Kim’s pose says she’s thinking. Who’s really thinking? Hmm …

BYK 0: Kim 0 – one got too enthusiastic with his filter and colour settings, the other? We don’t know what to think! 


Round 7: The “We Love The Troops” Selfie


There’s selfie-inception going on in Kim K’s pic. We are really not sure about those beige tights – is she wearing Spanx as pants??? But there is an even more important question that needs to be answered: Was someone tasked to take BYK’s backfie or did he set his camera on timer?

BYK 1: Kim 0 – we don’t know about you, but we’d grant this MP the right to bare (bear) arms


Final Score
BYK 5: Kim 3 

Sorry,  Kim.

Sorry, Kim.

Do you agree with our verdict? If not, please submit all appeals in the Comment section below. We will answer them in the next Meet-The-MP session.


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