Readers Share: “Where Did We Go For Our Honeymoon?” Wander Wonder

Marriage is one of the most important journeys you’ll go on in your life, but before you start your journey proper, there’s the honeymoon! 10 couples share with us the most cherished moments from their first holiday together as newlyweds.

go away_sarah ashley

The Maldives
Ashley Yuen and Sarah Ang

“Going for our honeymoon just a few days after our wedding, the high we felt as newlyweds was still going strong. Maldives was the perfect place to keep the romance going. Every morning, I woke up to a gorgeous view outside my bedroom and an even better one next to me. I remember thinking how lucky I am to be a MRS, and to have the opportunity to enjoy seven whole days of absolute paradise.”

go away_patt wanchat

Luzern, Switzerland
Wanchat Peungputtakun and Pattrawan Muongrattana

“We chose Switzerland as our honeymoon destination as we wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities – and we were not disappointed! We love Switzerland for everything it has to offer: the beautiful scenery, friendly people, pollution-free air, and cool weather. We especially love Luzern for its beautiful lake and mountain view.”

go away_dessy max

Paris, France
Max Leung and Dessy Leoni Sagita

“We went to Europe for our honeymoon, and we really enjoyed exploring the different cities together. It was fun to see each other in a new environment and to go on adventures as newlyweds. Here we are, cycling in Paris!”

go away_kelvin stephanie

South Africa
Kelvin Cheng and Stephanie Wee

“For our honeymoon, we went on a 15-day road trip through South Africa. While we saw and experienced many exciting things during the trip, a highlight for us was walking with cheetahs at a wildlife park. We went there not quite knowing what to expect but it turned out to be such a cool experience! We walked with two cheetahs on leashes for about an hour, but it felt more like they were walking us than the other way round! Although we were never in any real danger, it was still thrilling to walk beside these tame predators and stroke their fur.”

go away_cindy mervin

Stonehenge, UK
Mervin Poh and Cindy Leong

“Here we are at the Stonehenge in the UK. The views at the Stonehenge are magnificent, especially at sunset. We had to cuddle up to fight the strong wind just to catch this view!”

go away_kelvin danielle

Santorini, Greece
Kelvin Ong and Danielle Mak

“We went to Spain and Greece for our honeymoon, and Santorini was definitely the highlight. The island is home to the beautiful iconic blue-and-white churches, and it was surreal to wake up each morning to amazing views of the caldera (large volcanic crater). The sunsets in Santorini are also breathtaking!”

go away_jeanette christopher

Orlando, Florida
Christopher Goh and Jeanette Lee

“Being theme park junkies, it was only natural that our honeymoon was spent in Orlando, USA – home of theme parks! It was a dream come true to visit Disney World and Universal Studios, but the highlight of our honeymoon was encountering our first-ever hurricane. It was definitely an eye-opener – how many people can say they were in the middle of a hurricane during their honeymoon?”

go away_emilia hady

New Zealand
Hady Salleh and Nur Emillia Roslan

“The highlight of our trip is probably the helicopter ride and glacier snow landing at Fox Glacier. The weather did not allow for a snow landing at first, so we returned to land, disappointed. Fortunately, the operators were generous enough to let us go a second time for free. The ride up was fun, and it was thrilling to be able to step out of the helicopter onto pristine white snow.”

go away_jiahui vai chung

Turkey, Europe
Lei Vai Chung and Cheong Jia Hui

“This was taken in Cappadocia, Turkey, on our much-delayed honeymoon (we only went on our honeymoon two years after getting married)! Cappadocia’s terrain is like nothing that we’ve ever seen! We took a tumble on the scooter shortly after this photo was taken, but traveling around by bike remains our favourite way to see the world.”

go away_andy amanda

Arima Onsen, Japan
Andy Ng and Amanda Tan

“During our honeymoon in Japan, we visited a small town, Arima Onsen, and stayed at one of the traditional guesthouses for two nights. It was an unforgettable experience as we got to soak in a private onsen tub in our own room. We also decided to wear the traditional yukata while sightseeing, and were amused to find that we were the only people doing so!”

Got a beautiful and little-known spot that’s great for honeymooners? Drop your answers in Comments! Who knows, your recommendation may just win you a travel kit worth $63!

For as long as she can remember, Vanessa has always wanted to escape to a place where no one knows her. But because that’s not always possible, she often retreats into the world of books and pop culture. When she does get to travel, she prefers going off the beaten track and back to nature. Some of her best memories include napping in a treehouse in Laos and cycling across padi fields in Bali.


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    I went to Osaka, I highly recommend Minoo Park for it’s picturesque waterfall!

  4. Oscar Chee Says: June 1, 2015 at 12:28 pm

    We wanna spend our honeymoon at the Jellyfish Lake on Eil Malk Island in Palau and swim among the golden jellyfish and the moon jellyfish.

    Our hearts tell us that they will beat more excitedly than when we exchanged our wedding vows ’cause we will be overwhelmed by the graceful beauty of millions of jellyfish underwater!

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