6 Beautiful Indie Magazines To Lose Yourself In Anything Goes

Who says print is dead? Independent publishing is undergoing a renaissance right now, with more titles being added to the market every year. We get Annabelle Fernandez, co-founder of indie magazine distributor Magpie Magazines, to recommend some great reads.

1. Fantastic Man
Genre: Men’s fashion
Hails from: Holland

Fantastic Man Singapore

Undoubtedly one of the more popular – and more forward-thinking – titles in the world of independent magazines, Fantastic Man  has been around for a decade and to celebrate its 10th anniversary, it is releasing two bumper issues this year. The S/S 2015 issue provides a look into the future, while the F/W 2015 issue will provide a retrospective insight into the past decade of men’s fashion. The magazine prides itself on its immaculate attention to detail, as can be seen from its captions that provide bite-sized information about anything from ties to carpets.

2. The Happy Reader
Genre: Literature
Hails from: UK

The Happy Reader Singapore

The Happy Reader is the result of a collaboration between Fantastic Man and Penguin books. Half of the magazine is dedicated to an in-depth interview with a bookworm personality – not necessarily a writer. The issue shown here, for instance, features Dan Stevens from Downton Abbey, who is on the judging panel of the Man Booker Prize. The other half of the magazine takes a literary classic and gives it the “magazine treatment”, featuring fashion spreads inspired the novel, and much more.

3. Makeshift
Genre: Current Affairs
Hails from: US


Calling itself “the field guide to hidden creativity”, Makeshift puts the spotlight on little-known creative endeavors in fringe economies. From stories about homemade aircrafts in Nigeria to Haitian communities fighting back against marginalisation, one thing’s for sure: Makeshift is not your everyday current affairs read. Looking to kick back and sink your teeth into something really meaty? You can’t do better than Makeshift.

4. The Plant
Genre: Landscaping
Hails from: Spain

The Plant Singapore

No matter how obscure your obsession, there is surely an indie magazine out there for you to geek out on. In The Plant, you won’t necessarily find a lot of information about how best to ensure your plants thrive and blossom. What you will find: Photographers, illustrators, designers and people from various artistic fields sharing their unique perspectives and experiences about plants and landscaping. Eschewing glossy and overly stylized shots, the photographs featured in this journal are on the raw side, giving readers a more refreshing look into the world of plants and greenery.

5. Apartamento
Genre: Interior design
Hails from: Spain


Here’s what you need to know about most indie mags: They tend to use a particular subject as a lens from which to shed light on to certain aspects of culture. In Apartamento (as the name suggests), that subject is interiors. The magazine doesn’t just showcase a plethora of people across various creative industries in their living spaces, it also features illustrations and works of fiction, and interesting photo spreads (ice sculptures, anyone?).

6. Fool
Genre: Food
Hails from: Sweden

Fool Singapore

From its cinematic and film noir-ish covers, you’d be hard-pressed to tell that Fool is actually a magazine about food. Helmed by a Swedish husband-and-wife team (the husband is a photographer, while the wife is an art director), every issue features a different theme (religion, for instance) and the couple work closely with food writers who are able to provide unique insight into the particular theme. Perhaps the most amazing thing about Fool is how well it’s able to combine beautiful images with erudite long-form journalism.

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